This third collection of Stable Gossip books sees the same wonderful characters from Stable Gossip two joining forces once again. This time however greater adventures are only possible with the horses blending in with the humans.. But how will this be achieved and where will it lead them!

The Walk

It is brought to everyone’s attention by Chief, that progression and adventure is only possible once they walk upright like humans. ‘Blend in’ is the key word. This is the lesson they all waited for.

The Car

Sounds a simple plan to jump into a car parked outside, but this adventure requires a lot of planning and conversation, obviously not as simple as first expected. But they eventually work it out.

The Supermarket

A first adventure turns into an exciting expedition to the supermarket. With so much choice and so much food, one can only imagine what they get up to inside.

The Department Store

It’s time to dress to impress and this sees the horses truly find the ultimate clothing to blend in. Fun and adventure continues.

The Cinema

The perfect place to see and learn and the final story fills their minds with only exciting ideas of what could be.

Book 3